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Training and implementation

Support and knowledge are necessary within an organization to turn changes into a success. Changing from preventive maintenance to a condition based maintenance strategy, is a significant change for most companies. DB Asset Services assists you to get commitment from all layers in your company and turn condition monitoring and predictive maintenance into a real success.



DB Asset Services provides training at any level. These courses help to increase the result of your condition monitoring program. By increasing the knowledge of your TD, management and operators, it becomes easier to convert the results of your measurements into practical maintenance actions. In the courses the benefits, possibilities, but also limitations of condition monitoring will be made clear within your organization.


DB Asset Services has experienced that commitment at all levels is important to increase the success of condition monitoring. In order to create a wide and solid base we find it important to share experiences with each other and explain our work where necessary.

Share expertise

The measurements are performed by skilled and qualified people. We take the time to explain machine operators, (technical) management, crew what is being done and why it is done. We have noticed that with an open attitude, everyone cooperates to make predictive maintenance a success.

Maximum added value

To create maximum added value, the goals and strategies of your organization are the focus during a training.


We are looking forward to decide with you which steps are necessary to implement a condition based maintenance strategy in your company.


We are happy to explain our methods and reporting so that any ambiguity is removed immediately.

By sharing experience often the best results are achieved with everyone involved.

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