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Temperature is perhaps the most measured parameter and a reliable indicator of the condition of journal bearings, electrical installations and so on. Temperature should only be considered as a relative term. Since temperature, reflection, emission and load plays a major role in temperature measurement, thermographic measurement results cannot always be compared directly with previous measurements.

Infrared radiation

DB Asset Services uses thermography to clearly show temperature differences on an installation/switchboard. Thermography is a non-contact method of measuring temperature and makes use of the infrared radiation which objects radiate. There is a direct relation between the temperature and the amount of infrared radiation which an object radiates. The thermographic camera converts the infrared radiation to a picture which shows the temperature of a surface.

Electrical installations

DB Asset Services can perform thermographic inspections of electrical installations to prematurely bring technical problems to the surface. During inspections switchboards, junction boxes and cabling are checked.

Your benefits

With these inspections asynchronous load or overload is detected as well as loose contacts and defect components. These problems can be corrected before they cause (further) damage to the electrical systems. In many cases, performing periodic thermographic inspections benefits in insurance costs.

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