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DB Asset Services started as a company that primarily focused on condition monitoring. Since then, we have further expanded our activities and service package with a great amount of measuring techniques, making us the ideal partner in your Asset Management.

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Condition monitoring

DB Asset Services is specialized in measuring and determining the condition of your installations. It takes us a couple of minutes to measure an electromotor, and after analysis of the data at the office we are able to determine the condition of this E-motor:

Diagnosis (Damage assessment)

Unexpected problems can occur in any installation. Often an installation does not fail immediately, but starts showing signs of early damage like high vibration levels, noise or shocks. This can happen during normal operations but also during the commissioning of new or overhauled machinery.


The engineering department of DB Asset Services can design and calculate with the help of the measurement results. You can also contact us for the design of a new powertrain. We work together to find the best application for your plant or installation.

Factory Acceptance Test

Since a good start is very important, DB Asset Services can perform your Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) following the applicable protocols. As an independent party we have often performed these tests for either manufacturers or for the end users/clients.

Training and implementation

Support and knowledge are necessary within an organization to turn changes into a success. Changing from preventive maintenance to a condition based maintenance strategy, is a significant change for most companies. DB Asset Services assists you to get commitment from all layers in your company and turn condition monitoring and predictive maintenance into a real success.

Conditions survey

At survey on board or on the plant, we bring all the (critical) installations to the surface. For each installation we look at the possible failure type.

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