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With some processes does the centrifugal pump play a crucial role. For example this pump is needed in the dredging proces or water pumping station. It is of great importance that the pump functions properly and works in its calculated operating point and does not use excessive energy.


Three variables

There are three variables that tell if the centrigual pump is functioning properly:

  • The flow rate through the pump
  • The presure difference/li>
  • The torque over the shaft oft he pump

Flow rate measurements

This is measured with a sensor that is positioned on the outside of the pressure pipe. The best thing is that this technique does not need the pipi to be opened for this measurement.

The presure difference

This is measured with a differential pressure gauge, one side is connected with the suction side and the other side is connected to the presure pip side of the pump.

Shaft torque measurement

This is measured with strain gauges, more information can be found here.

Our contribution

DB Asset Services are capable of combining these measuresement techniques and compare to the theoretical pumpcurve. This way it is posible to conclude if the pump is functioning properly, or if it is necessary to make adjustment.

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