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There is a number of situations in which periodic condition monitoring is not possible or falls short. This is the case for installations:

  • Which are unreachable for periodic measurement rounds.
  • Of which the damage may develop very quickly lead to failure.
  • In which damage has occurred and due to time pressure repair is currently not possible.
  • Expensive or highly critical installations.


Online measuringsystem

What to do in case of damage

Unfortunately, damage sometimes occurs, which develops unpredictably and fast. For highly critical installations, where a repair stop is undesirable, continuous measuring systems can play an important role in continuing operation in a responsible way.

The continuous measuring installation takes 24/7 vibration measurements, which are initially assessed on overall levels and band alarms. Parameters such as temperature and the like can also be monitored. By tuning the band alarms to the specific damage frequency, damage can be effectively monitored. Together with analysis of the measurement data, work can continue in a responsible manner.

Applied measurement techniques


Measuring principles that can be applied online are: vibration measurements and fluid analysis. These data provide an integral picture of the current state of the measured installations. This allows immediate intervention if necessary.


  • Production can be continued in a responsible manner.
  • Clear insight into whether the machine will make the next scheduled stop or not.
  • In the case of (sudden) evolution of the damage, immediate action can be taken to prevent consequential damage.
  • The right spare parts can be ordered in advance.

Some actual examples

  • Temporary measurement on waste incineration plant.
  • Long-term monitoring of a planetary gearbox.
  • Long-term measuring cutter installation.
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