The base for condition monitoring is in confidence. Trust between you and us, trust and confidence in the methods used in resources used. So you can trust the availability of your systems and installations.

Be totally cared for

Entering condition monitoring requires a lot of attention and care. DB Asset Services can provide this care and attention, making you relieved. We offer a complete range of services, allowing you to get supported without extra charge in your daily operations. If required we can control your personnel directly to take actions.

Objective and personal

To enable it to carry out condition monitoring, we need to have an good connection with the client. This good connection means that the communication lines are short, allowing rapid and effective action can be taken.

The same contact person

To optimize the communication is per customer, wherever possible, the same person is responsible for the entire process. From the preparation of the test plan, to reporting, analyzing and handling.

Methods used

To help you maintaining your installations to stay cost efficient and manageable, we offer a complete service package. This package includes: taking measurements, analyzing measurements, delivery and installation of equipment and training of staff / crew. Further development of our services and go with the latest technology are our top priority.

Techniques used

DB Asset Services uses only the highest specification techniques. For vibration measurements we are working with spectra and envelope measurements. The oil is analyzed according to the ASTM specifications in a qualified laboratory. Per installation we examine what the necessary technology is with the right specifications.