DB Asset Services started as a company that primarily focusses on condition monitoring. Since then we have expanded our activities. Our service package has expanded with a great amount of measuring techniques to make DB Asset Services the most ideal partner in your Asset Management.

DB Asset Services aan boord van schip


An often-occurring comfort problem in a building or ship is that of excessive noise. DB Asset Services performs noise measurements to find out if the noise level is too high. The measured level is compared with the applicable standard. In case the noise level is too high, the source is investigated.

Online monitoring

There is a number of situations in which periodic condition monitoring is not possible or falls short. This is the case for installations:

  • Which are unreachable for periodic measurement rounds.
  • Of which the damage may develop very quickly lead to failure.
  • In which damage has occurred and due to time pressure repair is currently not possible.
  • Expensive or highly critical installations.


When a force is applied on a shaft, torque powers are created. This is causing rising tensions in the shaft, which causes twisting and stretching of the shaft. By measuring the stretching if the shaft’ surface, it is possible to calculate the torque on the shaft using the specifications of the shaft. DB Asset Services has the expertise and the equipment to measure on two shafts simultaneously.

Shaft voltage measurements

Electrical corrosion (breakdown) is a common form of early failure of a bearing. This is often seen with electric motors with modern frequency controllers. These cause high peak voltages across the bearing, which can cause currents to flow.

Torsional vibration measurements

When a drivetrain is designed for high powers, a torsional vibration calculation is made. Based on the results of this calculation, the correct (flexible) coupling is selected in the drive. This ensures that the excitation frequencies are different from the torsion resonance frequencies. In result, the machine won’t generate high vibration levels which could lead to premature failure of the installation’ components.


Unexpected problems can occur in any installation. Often an installation does not fail immediately, but this manifests it selves first in high vibration levels, noise or shocks. This can happen during normal operations but also during the commissioning of new or reconditioned machines.


Temperature is perhaps the most measured parameter and a reliable indicator of the condition of journal bearings, electrical installations and so on. Temperature should only be considered as a relative term. Since temperature, reflection, emission and load plays a major role in temperature measurement, thermographic measurement results cannot always be compared directly with previous measurements.

Fluid analyses

DB Asset Services provides fluids analysis. These fluids may include lubricating oil, coolant, hydraulic oil etc. Liquids analyzes can be used for two purposes: to determine whether the fluid is suitable for further use, or check whether there are wear particles present in the oil indicating problems.

Factory Acceptance Test

A good start is half the work, therefore DB Asset Services can perform for your Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) according to each protocol.

Vibration measurements

Using vibration measurements, we the determine the vibration behavior of machines and installations. On the basis of the pattern which is measured, we can make statements about the condition of the machine. DB Asset Services performs vibration measurements mainly to identify misalignment, foundation problems, bearing and gear damage.