About us

DB Asset Services is specialized in supporting companies with their maintenance program or help them switch to a more effective maintenance program. In general, we are specialized in rotary equipment; measuring their current state to investigate if maintenance is required or finding the root cause of any arisen problems. How we do this and with whom will be presented below.

Company profile

Doctor Bibber Asset Services uses different techniques, such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and ultrasound. By analyzing the results, the maintenance of your installations is tailored to their current condition. This way maintenance intervals can be extended in a responsible way. When necessary, accelerated action may be needed to prevent consequential damage. You can find more information about the different techniques under the heading “techniques”.


Here below you are able to find all of the staff members of DB Asset Services, as are their contact information and functions within the company.


Vision on predicitve maintenance

The base for condition monitoring is in confidence. Trust between you and us, trust and confidence in the methods used in resources used. So you can trust the availability of your systems and installations.